Supply of tea

Van Rees offers sourcing of tea from any origin for delivery:

  • as originals or blends
  • black, green or white tea
  • accredited teas – Rainforest, UTZ, Fairtrade and Organic
  • quality across the spectrum from regular to speciality
  • from our own inventories
  • “Just in Time” delivery to customer’s requirements as part of our “Total Service Concept”
  • total outsourcing options
  • vendor managed inventories

Blending and logistics

Blends of any type and quality can be produced in The Netherlands, Kenya, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam and China packed to your requirements in:

  • paper sacks, big bags or carton bins
  • palletised and stretch or shrink-wrapped, slip-sheeted or loose

Our logistic departments offer optimal transport solutions.

Third party blending:

In the Netherlands, we operate a fully automated and certified blending factory that meets the strictest requirements for product hygiene and handling. Blending, storage and packing capacity can be made available to third parties with delivery to any destination.

Weekly market information

By having offices and associates in all the main tea producing and consuming areas, Van Rees has access to all the very latest market information and news. This information is collated weekly and gives the company a unique insight into current market conditions, trends and events. This gives Van Rees an unparalleled degree of knowledge and confidence. Please, visit the Market report page for our latest report.

You can also visit the market graphs / charts page for an overview of prices and crop trends from the main auction centres.