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Offering your complete tea requirements from all quarters of the globe

Supply of bulk tea

Supply of bulk tea

With almost 200 years of experience in tea trading, we are one of the oldest continuously active companies in the industry. Through our unrivalled position as dedicated tea supply chain managers we can fulfill our clients’ requirements of black, green

Blending and logistics

Blending and logistics

Our unique network of global offices gives us the ability to provide you with tea blending services from the major and smaller origins. Tea is not a standardized product, leading to vast variation in both leaf and liquor quality.

Weekly market information

Weekly market information

By having offices and associates in all the main tea producing and consuming areas, Van Rees has access to all the very latest market information and news. This information is collated weekly in our tea market report and gives the company a unique insight

Global network

The Van Rees Group B.V. has branch offices in the main producing countries. These are locally well-established companies, employing highly trained and experienced tea people with a supreme degree of knowledge of their products and market. They are supported by teams of qualified logistic and financial professionals. In addition, Van Rees has well established direct sourcing from many other producing countries, notably Argentina and India.

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With a passion for tea we are committed to deliver high quality products all around the world. As one of the largest independent tea suppliers we do so by balancing the economic, environmental and social needs throughout the value chain. As a bridge between the source and our customers we work together with our partners to create and accelerate sustainable development. Working together with our partners at the source and by focusing on our own operations we can deliver responsibly sourced high quality products.

A safe and healthy cup of tea

Providing healthy and safe products is a core responsibility and is one of the most important aspects of our services to customers. Tea is and has always been a healthy drink and we work together with our partners in the value chain to deliver a traceable product

Reducing the environmental footprint

Although the environmental impact per cup of tea is very small compared to other drinks such as sodas and coffee we believe there is always room for further improvement. Together with our partners, including suppliers and customers

Value from crop to cup

We believe that only an industry that creates value for all its stakeholders will remain sustainable in the future. The tea industry employs around 13 million people worldwide. Many are smallholder farmers. Working in the tea industry provides

Latest news

We keep you up-to-date

  • Tea Time Magazine

    Sri Lanka, which lies just 19 miles off the southeastern coast of India in the Bay of Bengal, boasts an impressive legacy of tea production, which began in 1867 when it was a British colony known as Ceylon.

  • Van Rees established in South India

    As of February 1st Van Rees Group B.V. has taken over the activities of Container Tea and Commodities in Coonoor, India. The new entity is named Container Tea Van Rees Trading Pvt Ltd and is dedicated to the marketing of teas from a consortium of top quality Nilgiri gardens.


    DJ Theehandelaar Van Rees: thee is terug in de beleving, mondiale theemarkt in de lift.

  • Het Algemeen Dagblad

    Geen theeblad hetzelfde. Thee is tijdloos en alomtegenwoordig. Waar ook ter wereld besteld: de kans is groot dat de Rotterdamse handelaar Van Rees bij een willekeurig kopje thee betrokken is geweest.

About us

Company profile

Since 1819, our company has been a market leader in tea. Now part of Amsterdam Commodities N.V. (Acomo), a Dutch trading house specialized in spices, nuts and food ingredients, we continue to strengthen and grow. This leading position has been built through enterprise, endeavour, resilience and the seamless passing of knowledge and skill from one generation to the next.

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Company history

In 1819, an enterprising Young Dutchman, Jan van Rees, started a tea company in the Netherlands. By the mid 1800’s, the Van Rees Company had established a network of regular customers in Holland and Germany. Salesmen were employed to sell and distribute tea by horse and cart, then later by bicycle. The development of the company in the first 100 years of its existence amply shows the renowned Dutch qualities of hard work, the ability to trade and to create opportunities for business.

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Van Rees Group B.V.

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