About us

Since 1819, our company has been a market leader in tea. Now part of Acomo N.V., a Dutch trading house specialized in spices, nuts and food ingredients, we continue to strengthen and grow. This leading position has been built through enterprise, endeavour, resilience and the seamless passing of knowledge and skill from one generation to the next.


Today we are one of the few leading international suppliers and processors of tea. Our Global network currently consists of 12 offices world-wide with exclusive representations in key producing countries. The supply of any tea from any origin to both private and public sectors in many consuming countries has made our name well known and synonymous with success and reliability in the tea industry.

Understanding of tea

Product and market knowledge is our central and fundamental principle, deeply rooted throughout the organisation and is the base of all our commercial activities. We share this knowledge with our valued customers and the tea industry.

No dilution of focus

Our guiding philosophy is total concentration and absolute emphasis on our core activity of tea supply. There is no distraction with peripheral activities, tea is our product, tea is our passion.

Reputation and strength

Nearly two hundred years later, Van Rees stands at the forefront of tea with an unrivalled reputation and strength. We are proud of our history which guides us to the future.


Van Rees group is committed to the welfare of its global staff. The company aims for the highest ethical and legal standards wherever we are present and actively supports agricultural sustainability across the tea globe. All staff signs up to an internal ‘Code of Conduct’.

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