WEEK 18, 2019

Tea market report 29 April – 3 May 2019

In Mombasa the strong demand prevailed for the 2nd week with all grades on offer appreciating. Towards the end of the auction demand eased off due to the brokers who insisted on higher valuations, leading to an increased outlot figure. The March production figures show a decrease to 26.5m. kgs compared to 31.0m. kgs during March 2018 due to the delayed long rains. The most affected region was the West of Rift were production dropped by 9%, East of Rift production only decreased by 0.7%.

“You shall, I question not, find a way to the top if you diligently seek for it; for nature hath placed nothing so high that it is out of the reach of industry and valor.” – Alexander the Great

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