Blending and logistics

Our unique network of global offices gives us the ability to provide you with tea blending services from the major and smaller origins. Tea is not a standardized product, leading to vast variation in both leaf and liquor quality. In order to have a stable year round quality that is pivotal to maintaining your brand, blending is often the only solution to provide constant product uniformity. Apart from this, blending tea can create a range and complexity of taste that cannot be found in straight line tea. Our expertise in this area allows us to guide and explore ideas with our clients.

For this purpose, the Van Rees Group has various blending capacity options worldwide:

  • Netherlands
  • North America
  • Sri Lanka
  • Indonesia
  • Kenya
  • Malawi

We are able to offer the following blends:

  • Green tea bag blends
  • Black tea bag blends
  • Leaf tea mechanical blends in Sri Lanka
  • Third party blending based on your own recipe

Furthermore, we can pack the blended tea in various forms; bulk paper sacks, jumbo bags, big bags as well as 10kg, 5kg, 1kg options with your own label or brand requirements.

We are pleased to provide you with stable prices for longer periods, ensuring you the same tea quality, despite climatic, political and social changes that may affect the continuity of a regular supply. We can create these blends together with you, or provide you with a ready-to-pack solution that fits the requirements of your market.

  • Our vast inventory positions can support you at the moment demand picks up faster than normal global supply chains can handle.
  • Both our blending and stock positions can be delivered “Just in Time”, even to within one hour slots, allowing you to reduce working capital, logistical administration and uncertainty.
  • We are successful in vendor managed inventory where we take care of the complete supply chain up until the very moment you need the tea. This way you do not need to worry about capital requirements, handling and storage but remain focused on the growth of your brand.
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