A safe and healthy cup of tea

Providing healthy and safe products is a core responsibility and is one of the most important aspects of our services to customers. Tea is and has always been a healthy drink and we work together with our partners in the value chain to deliver a traceable product.

A healthy and safe cup of tea begins at our suppliers and their suppliers. We work together and support (smallholder) farmers and tea factories all over the world on safe and sustainable production methods.

Food safety regulation and pesticides are increasingly influencing the tea supply chain. With offices in the main tea origins we are able to support our partners to source tea that is safe and compliant with these regulations. We test our products at independent laboratories to ensure that we provide safe and compliant products. Food safety regulation is often complex so if you have any doubts regarding these issues, please feel free to contacts us.

At our own blending facilities in Dongen and Colombo we have strict quality control systems in place and the facilities are HACCP or FSSC 22000 certified. We also work with third party warehouses all over the world and we strive for certification in all of those locations.

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